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LISTEN TO THIS POEM ON SOUNDCLOUD  Consider yourself a reckless driver Speeding on a highway Rushing to your destination Would you plainly SEE  The splendid trees by the sidewalks? Won’t they appear foggy? Like a pebble Thrown across your face? Or like a madman running past you With tremendous speed? Wouldn’t you rather be a self-composed driver? And slow down? On that old bumpy road? Where others meet their doom Where they have become blind To the awesomeness  Of the trees Along the sidewalks Calm down Slow down Hit the brakes And even pull over In that moment The beauty of the trees Of those who were meant for you  Will unfurl Before your eyes


This Video will change your life forever!!!


CLICK ON THIS LINK TO LISTEN TO THE POEM LYRICS I am the soothing sun casting its rays on rose flowers I am the tidal wave swirling violently across the vast ocean I am the unbounded hawk gliding through the mid air I am the sky stalker, masquerading as the moon and stars  I am the earthy smell of petrichor after the first rain I am the surreptitious healer in the guise of renowned physicians  I am the pulsating rhythm of a million chirping crickets  I am the magical stimulant in your raging hormones  I am the Arcadian dove and the menacing Kraken I am the TIME healing the wounds  of the poor and downtrodden  I am your unsteady gait and the chief propeller of your awkward feet I am the the silent flute, the melodious harp and the harmonious harmonica  I am the pattering rain blasting gently against your windowpane  I am your thudding heartbeat and the lifeblood running in your veins  I am the conspicuous mystery rocking you


I am alive Because he lives I am saved Because he's salvation I am loved Because he's love I am a child Because he's my father I am a Prince Because he's the king I am pardoned Because he's grace I am conscious Because he's omniscient I am the air Because he's the wind I am unnatural Because he's a spirit I am deep Because he's profound I am undefeatable Because he's invincible            HE IS GOD.